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vbAccelerator ...a site devoted to providing free, advanced source code to Visual Basic programmers.

  Headlines Updated: 14 February 2003  
  vbAccelerator is preparing for a new launch - a beta test version of the new site is now online to have a look at - with new and updated code!

  What's New Updated: 14 February 2003  
  New source code on the site.
New ListBar, Tabs and AVI Player controls and shell samples are available on the beta test site; plus updates and fixes for many of the articles.

  Go to the Code! Updated: 21 March 2019  

A Flavour of the Site
Visual Basic is a great progamming tool, and makes it easy to write most of your application. But then, what if you want to include the latest user interface components, like cool menus, flat toolbars, rebars, pager controls, icon menus, combo boxes with graphics, drop down tool windows or flat, mouse-over highlighting combo boxes? How do you check all the registry settings or put yours in the right place? And what if you want to create fast moving sprites or even a DirectX game?

And then there's the issue of fragmentation. Do you really want to have to distribute an outrageous 1038kb of OCX just to show a toolbar on your application when vbAccelerator can give you one which does more at 1/10 of the size?

This site is here to help you break through VB's limits and provide some solid source code to base modern applications around. Everything here is free and comes with full source code.


Check out the Tips section! Packed full of short API tips covering graphics, rebooting (and not just because the code causes a GPF in GDI.EXE), using the clipboard and more. This section brings out bits of code that aren't as long as the full source code articles, but are still complete and fully commented. Great stuff for your VB libraries!

New Site - Beta

Relaunching vbAccelerator
Check out the beta version of the new vbAccelerator site, due for launch at the end of February. Web hosting by Justhemes Windows web servers.

NeoCaption Component

vbAccelerator NeoCaption
Make your app cooler with this form skinning component. Customises all of the non-client area of a form, including the menus, control box, min/max/close buttons... Serious!

UpdatedOutlook Style Grid

S-Grid Demo S-Grid is an all VB grid giving you the control other grids don't, and all in 240kb. Create Outlook-style grids, span column text across rows, freely set row and column heights, set colours and fonts for each cell, add icons to cells, sort and group data... New Version! 1 November 1999 - With VB6 Binary.

UpdatedIcons In Menus v2

Icon Menu Control in Action
The icon menu control makes it simple. Drop it onto your form, and the existing VB menus become ownerdrawn. To get icons into the menus, just link the icon menu control to an image list and then tell it which icons to use with which menu items. New Version! 10 January 1999.


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