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Click for Using Animated Cursors in .NET

Using Animated Cursors in .NET

The Cursor class provided with System.Windows.Forms doesn't support animated cursors - but this tiny class lets you use them interchangably with the existing .NET Framework cursors. Also provided with the code is a technique for drawing cursors directly onto forms and animating on a background thread.


Last Updated: 31 March 2003

Click for Reading EXIF Tags From JPEG Files

Reading EXIF Tags From JPEG Files

Many digital cameras record information about when and how a picture was taken using the EXIF format (which is slowly becoming the DCF format under ISO). You can read and write this information using classes within the System.Drawing namespace, but the .NET library doesn't provide as much as you would like to help you do it.

This article provides a sample application demonstrating how to parse the most popular EXIF tags and populate the data using a background threads, and provides links to resources with more details on the EXIF codes.


Last Updated: 28 March 2003

Click for A .NET Implementation of the ZoomIn Utility

A .NET Implementation of the ZoomIn Utility

The ZoomIn Utility enables you to look at any area of the screen and capture the display. This can be an excellent way to snip graphics from other applications or to work out the exact details of how other controls are drawn. A copy of this is provided along with Visual Studio as a tool and also as sample MFC source code from Microsoft, so it is instructive to see how much easier this is to do in .NET. As it is easier, this example provides a number of enhancements, such as Saving, Printing, Gridlines and a StatusBar for pixel position and RGB values.


Last Updated: 23 December 2002

Click for Hue, Luminance and Saturation in .NET

Hue, Luminance and Saturation in .NET

The .NET System.Drawing.Color package allows you to obtain Hue, Luminance and Saturation values but puzzlingly do not allow you to set them. This article provides a HLSRGB colour class allowing you to read and write HLS and then demonstrates how to draw a HLS colour wheel.


Last Updated: 23 December 2002