(Incomplete) VB Office 2003 CommandBars

This article has now been superceded by the CommandBar control at the main site. It contains an early preview of the VB CommandBar control demonstrating a working toolbars, object model and drawing in the Office 2003-style but does not include functional menus.

The original aim was to get a beta version of this control out in December. In the end, it was released in February. The following items have been implemented:

  • Need a generic routine to create all of the colours used in Office 2003. Currently, only the default Windows XP style is supported.
  • Need a way to draw disabled icons in the correct colour.
  • Showing menus, menu shadows, dragging off menus. See Menus From First Prinicples for details on how this will be done.

The control release is still awaiting this, however:

The Babbage section of vbAccelerator follows Charles Babbage's lead and provides code which is currently being worked on but not yet finished, was started with high hopes but now will probably never get finished and stuff that's just old and finished with. Download at your own risk; it may be fun, it might even work....