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The Graphics Library is here to help creating good looking applications. It includes most of the standard icons (file, edit, internet) you use most, and some more random ones. In addition to icons, there is also a small selection of AVIs and animated cursors.

Even if you don't find exactly what you want, you'll often get a good starting point for building something better.

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Icons: Notes and Tasks

Icons: Folders and Filing

Icons: Mail

Icons: Phones and Faxes

Icons: Document

Icons: Calendar and Time

Icons: Certificates


Last Updated: 20 September 2003

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Animated Cursors

A small selection of animated cursors which could be used in a business context.


Last Updated: 23 August 1998

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AVIs: Mail

AVIs: Print

AVIs: File Tasks

AVIs: Search

AVIs: Various

AVIs: Wait

AVIs: Web Tasks


Last Updated: 23 November 2003