Convert C# To VB.NET

A flawed attempt to provide a tool that should have been part of the .NET Framework from the outset. Clearly the framework should have include at least one concrete implementation of CodeParser class, or at the very least Visual Studio should have been able to link code in the same project using different languages. But neither are possible. The concrete implementation isn't working because CodeDOM is missing stuff, and VS.NET can't compile and run cross-language applications because... because... who knows? Marketing?

Anyway, here's the thing. If you get hold of a copy of a new IDE, one in which the manufacturer has gone out of their way to make it trivial to achieve something that previously took coding or money to get right, to the degree that it can now be achieved by typing barely a line of code, and is described at huge length in all of the product's documentation, in the product's pitches and at the manufacturer's website, do you immediately rush out and post something as quickly as possible which uses that feature?