Fans of NUnit should find this a useful package. Unit tests are typically easy to write until you start testing the bowels of a more complex system, where an object depends on many other collaborators or services to perform its task. Providing a non-mutating version of these related objects can be quickly become a tiresome task, which is where EasyMock comes in. Provided the objects to mock out under test implement an Interface (and they should, right?) EasyMock auto-generates an implementation which can assert the number of times methods are called, provide specified return values, check the order of method calls and simulate exceptions.

About EasyMock.NET

EasyMock.NET is a translation of the Java EasyMock project written by Tammo Freese to the .NET 1.1 Framework. Since it is pretty much a direct translation, there isn't much information available at the EasyMock.NET site, so to get a good idea of how it works you should take a look at these pages: