13 Ways To Loathe VB

One of the best features of the otherwise kind of hard work Dr. Dobb's Journal is Verity Stob's column. If you've not read any yet, then you can browse through this lot for a treat. Particularly you might want to cast a look at How to survive a code review and StobLog:

("I should once again remind everybody that next month is the Great GUID Renumbering Month. In order to serve you better, and to guarantee the supply for the next five years, it has become necessary to renumber many existing GUIDs. Those of you in the south, please prepend 0xE4 as appropriate, whereas those of you in rural areas must add a carryover quartet of 0x1C7A to those GUIDs with an even number of primary factors, treating residuals obliquely").

Anyway, Thirteen Ways.. annoyed all sorts of VB apologists when it first came out, leading to many generally ill-thought out rebuttals and petty defences of our favourite language, some of which you can still read if you look for them. But I kind of liked it and find it hard to work out why anyone would disagree. The other 3 million bug-bears, such as what happens when you try to include public methods called Print, enumerations including a value such as Left, objects called Debug etc aren't there though...