The software available on this site includes voluntary contributions made by many individuals. This article lists the main contributors and thanks them for their support.


In alphabetic order.

  1. Don Beal
  2. Caius Caesar
  3. Paul Caton
  4. Wilson Chan
  5. Ivan Mark Debono
  6. B. Dormer
  7. Benjamin Dowse
  8. Mike Gainer
  9. Mark Grimes
  10. Ed Haswell
  11. Robert Heinig
  12. Dan Litwin
  13. David Miles
  14. Sergey Pitutin
  15. Brian Schimpf
  16. Marzo Settes Torres Jr
  17. Italo Weiss
  18. Uwe Wiemer
  19. Paul Wilde


Thanks must also go out to the following publishers who've written articles or code that have inspired or helped provide fixes to code presented at the site:

  1. Matthew Curland
  2. Bruce McKinney
  3. Brad Martinez
  4. Eduardo Morcillo
  5. Dana Seaman
  6. Bill Storage
  7. Jean-loup Gailly, Greg Roelofs, and Mark Adler and the Info-ZIP team
  8. The LAME MP3 encoder team
  9. Albert L. Faber for CDEx