Updates: Using the Site

Update9 Jun 2004

  • Added link rel tags to all pages for ease of navigation.
  • Updated to use the Creative Commons licensing system.
  • RDF descriptors now generated for all pages and Zip files.
  • Modified the stylesheets to enhance accessibility (all fonts can now be resized.
  • Code now online for C and IDL/ODL files as well.
  • Copyright page (finally) in place.

Update7 Sep 2003

  • Initial launch of the BugTrak system. The system is underpopulated at this point but that should be resolved by the end of September.
  • Added update, downloads and issue links to all code and code index pages.
  • Modularised includes for items within the left hand bar, added a new bottom of page advertisment.
  • Only the most recent updates are shown on the article sidebar; full update details now get their own page which greatly assists readability.
  • Rolled out the new Accelerator logo.
  • Provided redirect links from the legacy site to the new site for all controls.
  • Bug fixes to the breadcrumbs navigation at the top and bottom of each page. These did not work correctly for some of the code pages.
  • Page title and description now set properly for all code pages.
  • Still in beta because you need to be able to get a newsletter and login! My SQL Server works now, but it only has a 25Mb database...

Update12 Feb 2003

  • Site entering beta.

Update25 Nov 2002

  • First Posted.