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About vbAccelerator and advertising with us

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Whilst there are many sites targeted at developers, vbAccelerator offers a unique combination.

  1. A Focus on Code.
    We target the people who are doing the job and need to know how to get the best out of their code. Since its inception vbAccelerator has ensured 100% source code availability and now, uniquely, makes all code available and searchable online.
  2. Content and Editorial Control.
    vbAccelerator publishes on complex topics and provides tested, solid code. We don't publish filler articles on simple techniques which can be read from the manual and we don't publish information readily available elsewhere.
  3. Easy to read, easy to use website.
    Content and quality have always been forefront at our site. Code is tested and all content is edited prior to posting. Not just that, but our pages are honed to make them as easy to use as possible whilst still offering a range of great functionality like bug tracking.

To find out more about advertising opportunties and pricing at the site, email Steve McMahon at steve@vbaccelerator.com.