Updates: Owner Draw Combo and List Boxes Version 2.1

Update19 Dec 2002

  • VB6 Version Added

Update11 May 2002

  • Control now works with a manifest correctly under XP. Previously the background was corrupted. Corrected by always creating a background brush and returning during WM_CTLCOLORLISTBOX processing. Thanks to Sergey Pitutin for pointing this out.
  • Control now draws correctly at all times in design mode. Thanks to Dana Seaman for the fix.

Update30 May 1999

  • The control has now been updated to version 2.1. This upgrade addresses some minor bugs and problems with the previous version:
  • Fix to the AutoComplete support. The previous version failed to allow items not in the list to be typed, even when the AutoCompleteListItemsOnly property was set to False.
  • Setting the vertical alignment of items using the ItemYAlign property or as a parameter of the AddItemWithData method had no effect.
  • Now supports font character sets, so works with symbol and non-western fonts.
  • Some fonts (e.g. MS Sans Serif) did not appear in the font picker list.
  • MouseDown, MouseMove and MouseUp events added.
  • Enabled property now corrected; on some systems it was possible for the control to become permanently disabled after it was disabled once.
  • Change event did not fire when text changed

Update10 Jan 1999

  • The control has now been updated to version 2. This addresses a number of bugs and problems with the previous version:
  • Focus handling was poor and contained many hacks. As a consequence the previous version of the control did not work on MDI forms and also sometimes a GPF could occur.
  • The control now does focus correctly using the IOLEInPlaceActiveObject interface. Many thanks to Mike Gainer (and also to Matt Curland and Bill Storage) for providing code showing how to do this.
  • The height of the combo box portion of the box was incorrect and only appeared at the size of the default System font. The control now sizes correctly according to the chosen font.
  • The height of items in the list did not resize to accommodate larger or smaller fonts chosen for the control. This now occurs unless you have explicitly set the height of the list item.
  • Setting the font at run-time in a ListBox had no effect.

Update18 Sep 1998

  • Now the control handles key events in a more consistent way, and also a bug in the internal image list which could result in the check box and True-Type/Printer icons drawing incorrectly has been fixed.