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Button ListBar Control

The Button ListBar control provides an emulation of the ListBar provided in the Windows Add/Remove Programs window. Under XP it uses the UxTheme API to draw parts of the toolbar, and degrades to use standard GDI drawing calls when used on earlier OS versions.


Last Updated: 5 July 2003

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vbAccelerator ListBar Control

The vbAccelerator ListBar control is an all-VB control which emulates the Outlook sidebar as accurately as possible. I was inspired to write it when I started playing with Microsoft's Spy++ utility and pointed it at Outlook's list bar (or "ShortcutBar" as it publicises itself to the world) and noticed that the main component of the ListBar was actually a standard COMCTL32.DLL ListView.


Last Updated: 17 February 2003

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vbAccelerator Visual Studio Style ToolBox ListBar

This control provides a full implementation of a Visual Studio-style List Bar which holds lists of controls. Bars and items can be dragged around the control, and items can be dragged, pressed or double-clicked to add the item to an object.


Last Updated: 12 February 2003