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Icon Graphic

Reading and Saving .ICO files and resources in VB

VB allows you to load an save .ICO files through the LoadPicture and SavePicture methods, which are implemented in the StdPicture object. Unfortunately, this object was really written for 16 bit Windows and doesn't understand Win32 icons at all. A .ICO resource can contain many different images, at different colour depths.


Last Updated: 8 March 1999

DrawEdge Tester Project

Drawing Borders and Edges using the API DrawEdge Function

The DrawEdge function is a useful function provided by the Win32 API. It can draw a variety of the edge styles used to draw buttons, frames and borders around controls and forms. The source code for this article shows you how to:

  • Use the DrawEdge to achieve a variety of edge styles.
  • Evaluate the client area within an edge and prevent it being overdrawn.


Last Updated: 21 June 1998

Text Kerning Demonstration

Simple Text Animation effects using Kerning

This article demonstrates how to create an basic text animation by modifying the character spacing using Kerning.


Last Updated: 15 June 1998