Updates: Complete Registry control

Update23 Jan 2004

  • Added remote registry connection through the Machine. Many thanks to Yaron Lavi for providing the code.
  • Fixed problem with saving zero length strings. Thanks to Shane Marsden for providing the fix.
  • Fixed problem with truncation of binary data. Thanks to Morten Egelund Rasmussen (and many others!) for providing the fix.

Update21 Mar 2000

  • Modified the CreateExeAssociation and CreateAdditional ExeAssociations methods to update the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Classes sections as well as the default HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.

Update2 Jan 1999

  • Fixed a bug with the CreateExeAssociation method. If you did not provide the optional document default icon parameter the association was not set up correctly.
  • The CreateExeAssociation method now allows Print,Install and New associations to be created and also allows the menu text to be customised.
  • A further method, CreateAdditional ExeAssociations allows you to create customised items. See the Passing Command Line Parameters article for more details on this.
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