Updates: Registering File Associations and Passing Command Line Parameters to an Existing App Instance

Update15 Feb 2004

  • Fixed missing downloads.
  • The code now correctly restoring and activates Windows on all systems, and the bug with restoring iconic Windows (incorrect constant) has been fixed.

Update21 Mar 2000

  • Fixed a problem with the document icon support. The previous version of this article stated that to create an icon for a document, you should refer to the resource ID of the icon within the application's .RES file. This was incorrect: in fact you should use the 0-based index of the icon in the resource script (noting that if your app has a standard VB icon, this automatically gets compiled in as the first icon within the app).
  • Also the updated cRegistry class is incorporated to ensure the app works with the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Classes registry hive as well as the standard HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT hive.

Update1 Jun 1999

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