Updates: Subclassing Without The Crashes

Update26 Jan 2003

  • Fixed problem with multiple attach/detach calls, and added automatic detach for the WM_DESTROY message.
  • Refactored code for clarity.

Update25 Nov 1999

  • Fixed a bug in the graduated title-bar sample which stopped the
  • Form_Resize
  • event from being received.

Update25 Aug 1999

  • Added a VB6 binary (courtesy of Ed Haswell) and added a little extra description to the article.

Update19 Oct 1998

  • Fixed a bug where the same event could occur multiple times in a form. The new version is completely binary compatible (it includes no new methods or classes) so you will have no installation problems if you or a user downloads the new version. You are strongly recommended to get this version. (Thanks to Jim Parzych for pointing out the bug.)