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Moving Forms and Creating Resize Gripper Boxes

This article provides code demonstrating how to modify the behaviour of a VB form so that parts of it behave like title bars and resize borders. You can use this code to:

  • Create windows without a title bar that you can click on anywhere to move around.
  • Build fake title bars.
  • Add a Resize Gripper box to the lower right-hand corner.


Last Updated: 24 November 1998

Click for Detecting when another application is activated

Detecting when another application is activated

In a form, there is a Deactivate event. Exactly what this method is for is hard to determine, because it hardly ever seems to fire. Ok, that's perhaps a little unfair - it never fires. One thing you certainly can't detect without a bit of additional work is when the user Alt-Tabs to another application. Detecting this can be useful, for example, when you the user is performing a drag or you're showing a pop-up tool window.


Last Updated: 23 November 1998