Updates: Reading and Writing MP3 ID3v1 and ID3v2 Tags

Update15 Apr 2004

  • Fixed incorrect download - the ID3v1 tag class incorrectly contained the code for the ID3v2 tags...

Update23 Jan 2004

  • Added support for ID3 v2.2 tags to the cMP3ID3v2.cls. Thanks to Peter Pietzk for the samples.
  • Corrected out-of-memory runaway error which occurred reading corrupted tags. The code now behaves sensibly when it detects a tag with an invalid length.
  • Stripped trailing nulls from ID3v1 tags to make them easier to compare with their ID3v2 counterparts.
  • Fixed problem with tags with trailing nulls in ID3v2. A logic bug in the code caused these tags to return an empty string in the last version.

Update11 May 2003

  • Added support for ID3 v1.1 tags to the cMP3ID3v1.cls class module. This means that Track number is now supported for v1 tags. Thanks to Don Beal for sending the code.

Update26 Jan 2003

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