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CMY and CMYK Colour Models

Colour images on computer monitors are generated by emitting light, and hence can be generated from a combination of the three colours our eyes respond to. In a printed image, however, the colour you see is a result of the pigment on the printout absorbing proportions of these colours. The CMY and CMYK colour models provide a means to convert colours expressed as proportions of emitted light in R,G,B to the amount of pigment you need to print onto a page to obtain the same colour.


Last Updated: 15 April 2004

Click for Hue Luminance and Saturation (HLS) Model and Manipulating Colours

Hue Luminance and Saturation (HLS) Model and Manipulating Colours

Normally in computers colours are described in terms of their Red, Green and Blue components. Whilst you can specify all displayable colours this way, it leaves something to be desired when it comes to picking a colour. For example, most people find it very difficult to determine what RGB values you would use to create a Pink or Brown colour (try it!). The HLS model provides a more intuitive method and enables you to create lighter/darker or more intense/less intense versions of colours very easily.


Last Updated: 25 August 1999