Updates: Saving Pictures to JPG Files Using the Intel JPEG Library

Update13 Jan 2002

  • Note that Intel are no longer supporting this library through their site. I am not aware of any problems that will prevent you using it though.

Update21 Mar 2000

  • Intel have now released version 1.1 of their library (ijl11.dll) so the sample has been updated to use this version. There are no functional changes in this version but it is supposedly quicker and includes some minor bug fixes.
  • Added LoadJPGFromPtr and SaveJPGToPtr. These methods allow you to load and save the JPEG to a byte array or memory block rather than Save to disk.

Update15 Aug 1999

  • The last version of this code corrupted images when asked to load or save files which weren't an even multiple of 4 bytes across (the result was a diagonal distortion). This was because DIB files are padded to 4 byte (i.e. 32 bit) boundaries, but my interface to the JPG library assumed no alignment. I missed this because (get this...) I tested with only 8 images, and all of them were a multiple of 4 in width... Now fixed.
  • Added some information about the Performance of this library.
  • A Quality argument has been added to the SaveJPG method, allowing you to specify the quality/compression of the saved JPG image.