VB IMAPI (CD Burning) Interfaces (IVBIMAPI.tlb)

This type library provides access to the various objects exposed in the Windows Image Mastering API (IMAPI). This API allows you to burn audio and data CD-R and CD-RW discs. Note that this API is only available on Windows XP and above.

Supported calls:

  • Shell ICDBurn interface:
    • ICDBurn
  • IMAPI interfaces:
    • IDiscMaster (as IVBDiscMaster)
    • IEnumDiscMasterFormats (as IVBEnumDiscMasterFormats)
    • IRedbookDiscMaster (as IVBRedbookDiscMaster)
    • IJolietDiscMaster (as IVBJolietDiscMaster)
    • IEnumDiscRecorders (as IVBEnumDiscRecorders)
    • IDiscRecorder (as IVBDiscRecorder)
    • IDiscMasterProgressEvents (as IVBDiscMasterProgressEvents)
  • General supporting interfaces:

    The code for some of these interfaces were derived from code provided with the olelib2.tlb type library available at Edanmo's VB Page.

    • IUnknown
    • IMalloc
    • IPropertyStorage
    • IStream
    • IStorage
    • IEnumSTATSTG

To see the type library in use, check out the CD Burning samples.