Shell Extension Interfaces v1.01 (SHLEXT.tlb)

This Type Library is provided at Eduardo Morcillo's excellent VB site, Edanmo's VB Page. On the site it is used to generate a whole array of shell extensions in VB.

Supported calls:

  • IContextMenu
  • IContextMenu2
  • IDataObject
  • IDropTarget
  • IExtractIcon (ANSI and Unicode)
  • IPersistFile
  • IShellExecuteHook (ANSI and Unicode)
  • IShellExtInit
  • IShellPropSheetExt

To see the type library in use, check out the "RichEdit 3.0 Text Object Model" sample, which uses it to access the OLE IDataObject interface to transfer information in RTF format from the RichEdit 3.0 control.