Give your Windows Clipboard a Sense of History!

Goldfish Application

Goldfish is a demonstration project demonstrating the use of a number of vbAccelerator controls and code, all of which are compiled into the executable (with the exception of the Subclassing and Timer Assistant - sorry!). It also shows how to hook up to clipboard event notifications and how to store anything that's saved to the clipboard.

Goldfish acts as a history for the windows clipboard. Whenever the contents of the clipboard change, Goldfish makes a copy of the data in various formats. By default, it holds onto Text and RichText formats, but it can be configured to hold other types too, including Internet Explorer's HTML format - very useful for grabbing page fragments!

Because Goldfish stores a complete memory copy of each clipboard entry made, it allows you to restore older clipboard entries in their entirety to the clipboard. And as it has its own file format (the Goldfish Clipboard List, with the extension GCF) which can save multiple clipboard entries to a single file, you can also build up source code snippet lists and so on just by copying them to the clipboard. An edit toolbar and menu allows you to changing the order of items, deleting unwanted entries and to change the name text which appears in the list.

The site source code used in this sample includes: