Visual Basic Project Zip Utility

Quickly Zip up the files you need from any Visual Basic Project or Project Group

VBPZip Utility

This utility provides a small but very useful VB application allowing you to open and zip up the entire contents of a Visual Basic Project or Project Group. This is an excellent way of moving a small project from machine to machine, ensuring you pick up all the appropriate files without extraenous junk, as well as to check which dependencies you are using in your project. You can choose whether to include dependent controls, DLLs and Type Library files in the zipped project.

To run the project, firstly you need Info-Zip's unzip dll, available to download here. This is not an ActiveX DLL, so there is no need to register it. Just save the DLL into your Windows\System (System32 on NT/XP) directory. You'll also need the appropriate version of the Subclassing and Timer assistant registered.