", " ") Title = Replace(Title, "%2C", ",") Title = Replace(Title, "%2B", "+") Title = Replace(Title, "%2E", ",") Title = Replace(Title, "%3C", " ") Title = Replace(Title, "%3E", " ") If (Instr(Ucase(Title), ".ZIP") > 0) Then Href = Href + "zip.asp?id=" + ToArticleId LinkType = "Zip" Else Href = Href + "article.asp?id=" + ToArticleId LinkType = "Article" End If 'Select Case LinkType 'Case "Article" ' Href = Href + "article.asp?id=" + ToArticleId 'Case "Zip" ' Href = Href + "zip.asp?id=" + ToArticleId 'End Select %> Link To

Link to the ""

To link to the "" use the URL:

Banners and Graphic Resources

The following graphics and banners are currently available for linking to vbAccelerator.com:

Size Details
468 x 66

vbAccelerator - Faster Logo

   <a href="http://vbaccelerator.com/home/index.asp"><img 
      alt="vbAccelerator - Faster VB and .NET Code" /><a>
125 x 66

vbAccelerator - .NET Code

   <a href="http://vbaccelerator.com/home/NET/index.asp"><img 
      alt="vbAccelerator - .NET Code" /><a>

Linking to any Page

More generally, you can link to most pages on the site using the redirect URLs. There are two URLs for linking: one for articles and the other for downloads (Zip files). These URLs are:

  1. http://vbaccelerator.com/article.asp?id=
    Links to the article with the specified id.
  2. http://vbaccelerator.com/zip.asp?id=
    Links to the zip download with the specified id.

To determine the id for any page on the site, check the information link on the left-hand side bar of the site for each page:

Article and Zip Information Detail

A full list of all the articles, downloads and download contents is available for download from the Complete Site Index in XML.