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Danger Will Robinson!

This is my biography page. It's easy, yes? So far I've failed to fill it in. Will it ever be updated? Will vbAccelerator ever learn to write its name without that terribly early 90s arbitrary-lower-case all-one-word style? What does 'coming soon' mean anyway? And who really cares? Tune in to the next episode of vbAccelerator to find out! (Oh, and mail me if you're here!)

"The trouble with jogging is that the ice falls out of your glass."
- Martin Mull

NOTE: Some of the following links take you to areas of concentrated information. Visit during work hours or be prepared to pay!

Now That's What I Call High Performance Computing
"There is much excitement flying around the infosphere at the moment about certain individuals accelerating currently available technology to it's absolute limits using super-cooling techniques..."

Yes... but...
"Remember, if you aren't swapping memory to disk often, you aren't using your PC to its full potential"

"...And nobody would ever know it as well as Steve did. Ever."
"The program was his in a way very few things could ever be, like a drawing from his own hand. There wasn't an in-line comment in sight, but it had a mark on it. It howled his name in the void."

"The project had cycled Steve into vampire mode. The sun was coming up -- time to sleep."


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