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Download a VB project which
animates this graphic at 25fps by
manipulating the bitmap bits!

This site is here to help you break through VB's limits with some solid, advanced source code you can use to base modern applications around.

vbAccelerator is a non-profit site, and everything here is free. Not just that, but vbAccelerator will always provide the entire source code too, whether its for a control, a DLL or an Executable.

All the material provided on this site - without any warranty - is freely usable in your projects (provided you do not charge for the material itself).

Disclaimer and License
vbAccelerator code is 100% free. Its yours! Well, not entirely. There are couple of provisos I'd like to make:
  • You are free to use and modify any of the code on the site, but not to distribute modified versions of my downloads, ActiveX DLLs or OCXs with the same filename and/or ProgIds.
    If you have made changes which you think are beneficial, or have bug reports, then you can email me ( and I will do my utmost to get the a new version on the site.
  • You can freely distribute the zips available from this site to other ones, but you must distribute them in their original state and particularly keep the information and disclaimer text file with the zip (if it has one!). Notification would be greatly appreciated!
  • You can freely distribute any compiled code on the site, or any products you build using the code.
  • If you wish to distribute the source code files by any other means (i.e. if you want to include it on a CD or any other software media) then the EXPRESS PERMISSION of the author is REQUIRED.

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&nbsp &nbsp Tell Me What You Think
I appreciate any credits you give me, and am very happy to receive free copies of your products! If you like the content of the site, and you have your own web site, please Link to my site. vbAccelerator doesn't have a link to every VB site out there - if you want to see the vast range of content out there then you'll be admirably served by VB Net or The Visual Basic Web Directory. But I love to see your sites, and my world is made a happier place to be when I get to see some of the mind-blowingly good stuff that people have done. If you are serious and you've got the content people want, tell me!!!

Suggestions, constructive criticism, and even better contributions (code samples, information, tips and tricks, articles, books... whatever you would like to send to me) are gladly received. Encouragment messages will also be very warmly appreciated!

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