“Strong Name Validation Failed” error when recompiling


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21 Nov 2003 Open gkarmac619@rogers.com

I have downloaded this control. However when compiling I get this error message:

Strong name validation failed assembly '\acclListBar.exe'. The file may have been tampered with or it was partially signed but not fully signed with correct private key.

22 Nov 2003 Resolved Steve McMahon

Yes that will happen. The released version of the control is signed using my own strong-name public-private key pair to ensure that alternative versions which escape into the wild don't clash with it.

You need to create your own signed key pair (.snk) and modify the AssemblyInfo file to use that instead of mine if you wish to recompile it.

Have a look at the .NET documentation under "Creating and Using Strong-Named Assemblies" for more information.