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.NET ExplorerBar Control

The vbAccelerator .NET Explorer Bar control is a .NET implementation of the VB Explorer Bar Control which provides a user interface like the one in Windows Explorer under XP. You can use it to create handy lists of shortcuts and informational panels, or you can incorporate controls into the panels to provide flexible and configurable complex user interface panels. The code allows you to use the inbuilt XP styles when available or to draw using an emulation otherwise.


Last Updated: 17 April 2004

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.NET Outlook Style ListBar Control

VS.NET ListBar Control

.NET Button ListBar Control

Skinned ListBar


Last Updated: 23 January 2004

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Popup Windows

Floating Controls, Tooltip-style

Cancellable In-Place Edit Popups

Use .NET Forms as Popup Windows


Last Updated: 2 November 2003

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ListBox and ComboBox

Flat Style Combo Boxes

Reusing The ComboBox DropDown

Adding an Icon or Control to a TextBox or ComboBox

Virtual ListBox

vbAccelerator IconComboBox Control

Font ComboBox


Last Updated: 2 November 2003

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Highlighting and Shadowing Image List Images

Sophisticated Drag-Drop Images


Last Updated: 6 September 2003