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Font ComboBox

This control adds a thin wrapper around the Icon ComboBox to convert it into an Office-style font picker control. Features include a most-recently used font section, initialisation on a background thread, auto-complete and built-in detection of non-character fonts like Wingdings (VB.NET and C# code provided).


Last Updated: 2 November 2003

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Virtual ListBox

Virtual List Boxes can be used if you ever need to try and show a list containing a vast quantity of data. Instead of adding physical objects to the ListBox, instead you tell it how many rows there should be, and it simply defers all drawing of items to the owner of the box using owner draw item methods.

The Windows Forms Framework doesn't support Virtual List Boxes directly, so this article demonstrates a derived version of the existing ListBox component which performs the task (VB.NET and C# versions provided).


Last Updated: 1 November 2003

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Adding an Icon or Control to a TextBox or ComboBox

The standard .NET Framework ComboBox does not support an icon in the text box section of the control. This article presents a class which can be used to show an icon, a control or a custom-drawn image into any TextBox or ComboBox (VB.NET and C# code provided).


Last Updated: 23 October 2003

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Reusing The ComboBox DropDown

Normally, the combo box drop-down portion only appears underneath the combo box part of a control. However, using an age-old Windows hack you can get at the handle of the drop-down List and move it to any position you like on screen. This article provides a reusable class for manipulating the drop-down and also a rudimentary but effective demonstration of how to use it for auto-completion.


Last Updated: 23 October 2003

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Flat Style Combo Boxes

This article provides a class which you can attach to any .NET ComboBox control to allow it to render with a VS.NET or Office XP flat style by subclassing the messages associated with the control (VB.NET and C# code provided).


Last Updated: 23 October 2003

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vbAccelerator IconComboBox Control

One of the more notable omissions from the set of .NET Framework Windows controls is a Combo Box which supports icons, despite a control of this type being used to good effect in Explorer and IE. This article provides a reusable control which extends the standard ComboBox to allow you to associate icons, indentation and multiple columns with each of the items in the combo box, as well as providing Office/VS.NET style highlighting and auto-complete features.


Last Updated: 11 January 2003