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"Some of my critics have amused their readers with the wildness of the schemes I have occasionally thrown out; and I myself have sometimes smiled along with them. Perhaps it were wiser for present reputation to offer nothing but profoundly meditated plans, but I do not think knowledge will be most advanced by that course; such sparks may kindle the energies of other minds more favorably circumstanced for pursuing the enquiries."

Charles Babbage, 1832, in "On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures"

Charles Babbage was born December 26, 1791 and famously invented and designed the "Difference Engine", a vast mechanical computation device which, if completed, would have undoubtedly led to the earlier evolution of general-purpose computers. However, the 3 ton, 8ft x 7ft x 3ft device required some 25,000 precision-machined parts to complete, and ultimately neither the money, machining capability nor time were available, so unfortunately the part-completed machine was melted down and sold for scrap before ever being completed.

This section of vbAccelerator follows Babbage's lead and provides code which is currently being worked on but not yet finished, was started with high hopes but now will probably never get finished and stuff that's just old and finished with. Download at your own risk; it may be fun, it might even work....

Incidentally, in 1991 the Science Museum in London constructed a complete working version of the device from Babbage's original drawings. They found only two major errors which were easy to rectify. It is now on permanent display there, and looks somewhat better than a modded PC with a blue neon light...

Click for (Incomplete) File Type List Control

(Incomplete) File Type List Control

Windows File Type picker style dialog control. Unfortunately performance blows and it isn't nearly completed. Unlikely to be further developed. May be useful as a basis for a Search interface based on a user's registered file types, if speed could be fixed.


Last Updated: 26 June 2003

Click for (Incomplete) Eyes

(Incomplete) Eyes

Utterly useless VB sample providing eyes for your desktop. Windows 2000/XP only. Will not be developed.


Last Updated: 26 June 2003

Click for (Incomplete) IExplorer Bar Frame Control

(Incomplete) IExplorer Bar Frame Control

Internet Explorer Bar Frame style control. The size of the title bar is a bit off and it does not support Windows XP styles. Unlikely to be developed.


Last Updated: 26 June 2003