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Click for New: .NET Outlook Style ListBar Control

New: .NET Outlook Style ListBar Control

The .NET ListBar control aims to provide the most accurate reproduction of the Microsoft Outlook bar control. All the features of the Outlook bar control are supported and more: in particular the control provides nicer drag-drop operation, has more display modes and provides an extensible object model which enables it to be used as the basis for more esoteric ListBar style controls.


Last Updated: 7 September 2003

Click for Updated: vbAccelerator Explorer Bar Control

Updated: vbAccelerator Explorer Bar Control

The vbAccelerator Explorer Bar control is a new control entirely written in VB which provides a user interface like the one in Windows Explorer under XP. You can use it to create handy lists of shortcuts and informational panels, or you can incorporate controls into the panels to provide flexible and configurable complex user interface panels. The code allows you to use the inbuilt XP styles when available or to draw using an emulation otherwise.


Last Updated: 15 November 2003

XP Visual Styles

Updated: Adding XP Visual Styles to Your Visual Basic Application

When you run a Visual Basic application on an XP machine, you will see that although the form gets an XP-style title bar, the controls on the form still draw in the old-fashioned Windows style. However, it doesn't take much to persuade an application to use the new styles. In some cases, you can get existing applications to use the new styles with no additional code whatsover!


Last Updated: 26 January 2003

Click for Updated: Introduction to the freeware Info-ZIP libraries

Updated: Introduction to the freeware Info-ZIP libraries

This project started when I was trying to build up the indexes for the vbAccelerator site. I had a program to search through all the HTML files which make up the site, and this could pick out the ZIP files linked to by the pages. But how to determine which projects these ZIP files contained? You need a way to read ZIP files. As usual with VB there are no library routines or standard controls available for ZIP files, so you need another way.


Last Updated: 26 January 2003

Click for Updated: vbAccelerator MDITabs Control

Updated: vbAccelerator MDITabs Control

Over the years, Microsoft applications have been moving away from the old Multiple Document Interface style to a more modern look. This component, provided as a DLL, automatically converts a VB MDI application to one which looks like Visual Studio, with a tab for each window. Tabs can be scrolled and repositioned by the user and you get an excellent usable interface with virtually no extra code. Note however that this implementation does not allow undocking or multiple tab groups.


Last Updated: 28 March 2003