vbAccelerator Users Index

vbAccelerator controls and code are being used in various applications around the world (not just my own!) This section provides a look at just a few applications out there using the code.

If you'd like to see your application or company mentioned here, please send me a mail with some information about which controls or code you're using and I'd be delighted to feature it.

Click for STARBRIGHT World


STARBRIGHT World is a private online community for children living with serious illness. In STARBRIGHT World, children can instant message, chat, video conference, browse topical web content, post to message boards and more, all within a private community only they can access. The current version of the system has been running since mid-January, and has been a great success.


Last Updated: 13 June 2004

Click for StealthBot


StealthBot is an application that, erm, does something or other related to games. (I have to apologise for being such a lamer, but not having played that many games for the last few years I couldn't actually figure out what this is for...) In any case, it works with Starcraft, Warcraft III and Diablo II and uses a vbAccelerator TreeView control to get the much-needed black background and colours.


Last Updated: 1 June 2004

Click for My Stuff Now

My Stuff Now

MyStuffNow is an application which creates discs that support Hasbro's VideoNow, a children's toy that plays audio and video mini-CDs.


Last Updated: 28 May 2004

Click for Server System Check (Alpha)

Server System Check (Alpha)

Server System Check is an in-house application, written in VB and currently under development by Wizard Software Solutions. An attractive and easy to use interface allows easy monitoring of servers for Dr. Watson errors, low diskspace and NT Service problems.


Last Updated: 25 May 2004

Click for PowerBlog - The Power To Create and Publish

PowerBlog - The Power To Create and Publish

PowerBlog is an extensible desktop application that provides an intuitive, email style application for weblog authoring and publishing. Along with some vbAccelerator controls, it uses the IE DHTML editor to provide a WYSIWYG editing environment as well as allowing full control over the HTML.


Last Updated: 16 April 2004

Click for Luke Murphey's Digital Identity

Luke Murphey's Digital Identity

Digital Identity is an application for securely managing passwords and PINs. Uniquely, it allows users to encode an image (bitmap) with the login name and password of the password file itself. If the user loses their master password, the image can be used for recovery. All passwords remain secure provided the image is stored in a safe place. In addition, it allows users to encode arbitrary text into image files.


Last Updated: 15 April 2004

Click for Configure Sales Tracker

Configure Sales Tracker

Configure Sales Tracker is an extensive in-house application used both internally and by external clients. Internally, the software package helps the admin staff manage customer accounts by recording notes, generating letters, logging telephone calls (Date/time, outcome etc), managing orders and managing sales commissions. Externally, clients connect using an XML Web service and can see the same contact information.


Last Updated: 24 January 2004

Click for Booksoft Expressions: CD Yearbooks Made Easy

Booksoft Expressions: CD Yearbooks Made Easy

Booksoft's Expressions is the world's first and most advanced yearbook creation editing suite. The software gives complete creative control to the user in a powerful yet easy to use package, and can produce some amazing interactive yearbooks.


Last Updated: 24 January 2004

Click for StaffFinder


StaffFinder is a professional In/Out board application providing corporate directory, In/Out tracking and "whilst you were out" message functionality to businesses. Developed over the last four years, it has a polished, easy to use and informative user interface.


Last Updated: 23 January 2004

Click for Klik! CompareLib 1.0

Klik! CompareLib 1.0

The new Klik! CompareLib is a tool which compares and sychronizes the structural differences in MSAccess 97/2000/XP databases. It has a simple and yet detailed wizard style interface which allows comparison and analysis of databases, and can generate the merge scripts to make the compared databases structures equal. A script applying tool, ScriptRunner, is included with the package to easily apply the generated scripts later.


Last Updated: 23 January 2004