Code Breaker Software

High performance, industrial strength spectrum analyser software

Spectrascope Screen Shot

Code-Breaker Software develops high-quality software programs for the Windows operating system, with a focus on usability and features. Their Spectrascope Spectrum Analyser is an industrial strength spectrum analyzer that is in use all over the world by professional recording studios, off-shore oil rigs, mining and construction companies, defense contractors, design and manufacturing firms, engineers of all types, and do-it-yourself hobbyists, ham radio operators, and hi-fi enthusiasts, just to name a few.

Using vbAccelerator Code

The details of exactly which vbAccelerator code is used in SpectraScope must remain a carefully guarded secret, however, it can be revealed that it incorporates subclassing techniques, numerous tricks and other enhancements from the site.

Code Breaker Software and SpectraScope

Code Breaker software's main website can be found at, and their SpectraScope product at