Configure Sales Tracker

Auditor Maintenance Main Screen

Configure Sales Tracker is an extensive in-house application used both internally and by external clients. Internally, the software package helps the admin staff manage customer accounts by recording notes, generating letters, logging telephone calls (Date/time, outcome etc), managing orders and managing sales commissions. Externally, clients connect using an XML Web service and can see the same contact information.

About Configure Sales Tracker

The software uses vbAccelerator controls in nearly all forms; all customer search routines use the SGrid control. When users search for customers they are shown a list with basic information in such as name and sales stage:

Basic Search Results

Basic Search Results in SGrid

They also have the option of showing more details such as the address and contact numbers. SGrid does this job well - when the user selects to view more details the address and contact numbers appear under the grid row in blue text, like the 2 line preview of emails in outlook. The users like this feature as if they are unsure about which customer it is they can quickly show the address etc without having to re-search or drilling down into the customer details screen.

Detailed Search Results

Search Results with address and contact details

Using vbAccelerator Code

This project is developed in Visual Basic 6 and uses MS SQL Server as the backend database. vbAccelerator controls are used extensively to give the forms a modern look and feel: