A freeware DICOM viewer for radiologists with advanced functionality.

DICOM Viewer application

DicomWorks is a DICOM viewer and converter dedicated to radiologists or other people working with DICON files. It includes a smart view with 4 panel display, annotations, arrows, multimodality and export capability to many different formats including movies and lossless compressed images.

DicomWorks includes a number of functions that are usually lacking in DICOM viewers, such as AVI export of a series, the transfer of "windowable" and annotated images by e-mail for teleradiology purposes. Other features include:

  • A smart DICOM viewer with 4 panel display, annotations, arrows, multimodality synchronization, etc...
  • An export wizard to the most common picture or movie file formats
  • An export wizard to Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Simple and compatible DICOM CD-ROM readers and writers
  • Lossless archiving
  • A DICOM creation module to "dicomize" images from any image source (even video capture)
  • Email or FTP import and export functions

Using vbAccelerator Code

The application uses a variety of vbAccelerator controls and code to build the UI, including Cool Menus, toolbars and tabs.

The Site

The DicomWorks site can be found at http://dicom.online.fr/.