Luke Murphey's Digital Identity

Securely manage passwords and PINs, with password recovery using image encoding.

Digital Identify Application

Digital Identity is an application for securely managing passwords and PINs. Uniquely, it allows users to encode an image (bitmap) with the login name and password of the password file itself. If the user loses their master password, the image can be used for recovery. All passwords remain secure provided the image is stored in a safe place. In addition, it allows users to encode arbitrary text into image files.

Using vbAccelerator Code

The application uses a vbAccelerator S-Grid control to manage the list of encoded passwords and PINs. The ability to display a descriptive line stretching across a whole row, similar to the message preview view in Microsoft's Outlook, allows a notes or descriptive text for the account to be displayed underneath the itemised entries.

The Site

Luke Murphey's site can be found at, and Digital Identity can be downloaded from