My Stuff Now

Create discs for the Hasbro VideoNow toy.

MyStuffNow Application

MyStuffNow is an application which creates discs that support Hasbro's VideoNow, a children's toy that plays audio and video mini-CDs.

About MyStuffNow

MyStuffNow supports WMV, ASF movies and MP3 or WMA songs. The main application is nice and simple to use: first you choose which recorder you are going to use, and then you add media files to the playlist, either by drag-and-drop or through the Add options. The timeline ruler below the playlist shows how much of the mini-CD you have used, and then you can burn the CD.

Using vbAccelerator Code

The application is written in VB6 and uses the vbAccelerator ToolBar and CoolMenu controls to give the application a modern feel:

The Site

The MyStuffNow site is at