Office Navigator

An award-winning Office tool providing amazing browsing and organisation facilities for Office documents

Office Navigator 2

Office Navigator is a an Office tool that remembers all the Office files you've opened in the past, and the last 20 folders where you've browsed. It lets you create point-and-click lists of all your favorite Office files, templates, and folders, so you never have to look for them again. In addition it turns the Task Pane into a powerful document and template launcher, and adds up to 255 icons to the Places Bar in the 'Open' and 'Save As' dialog box. By using a compact menu structure, it takes up only one button's screen real estate but yet provides immediate access to a vast array of documents - and works from any Office application.

Using vbAccelerator Code

The application uses the vbAccelerator PopupMenu DLL to enable menus with icons and as many arbitrary sub-levels as needed to be created at runtime in code. The latest Office XP appearance is used; as is the ability to subdivide menus into sections using headers and to enhance a menu's appearance using a side bar.

The Site

The Office Navigator site can be found at