PowerBlog - The Power To Create and Publish

Powerblog authoring screen

PowerBlog is an extensible desktop application that provides an intuitive, email style application for weblog authoring and publishing. Along with some vbAccelerator controls, it uses the IE DHTML editor to provide a WYSIWYG editing environment as well as allowing full control over the HTML.

About PowerBlog

PowerBlog makes it easy to create and manage web log content by providing an email style interface to article creation. The main view integrates a folder view allowing publishing channels to be managed, an SGrid control showing the articles in the blog with auto-preview and a browser for the selected item.

Opening or creating an article brings up the mail style article editor with a full complement of formatting, link and image settings:

Article Editor

Articles can be either be edited in WYSIWYG mode or the HTML can be modified directly.

Publishing can be performed either by FTP upload to a site or through the API of one of the existing Blog services.

The application also includes a scripting interface which allows it to be extended using 'Plops' (not sure about the name, but its a great feature):

Script Editor

Using vbAccelerator Controls

PowerBlog uses modified versions of the following code and controls from the site:

Work is currently underway to release a .NET Framework version of the application.

The Site

The PowerBlog site can be found here: http://www.powerblog.net/.