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STARBRIGHT World is a private online community for children living with serious illness. In STARBRIGHT World, children can instant message, chat, video conference, browse topical web content, post to message boards and more, all within a private community only they can access. The current version of the system has been running since mid-January, and has been a great success.


The SBW application has five main categories: SBZone, Explorer, Connect (Chat and Videoconference), Activities and Find-A-Friend. Examples of the screens, and some detail of the functionality are shown below:


STARBRIGHT Zone features all of the content created by STARBRIGHT specially for our users. Examples of this content include essay contests, SBW Community Leaders(a program that promotes leadership and excellence among our users) as well as the SBW E-Zine Scene (an online magazine written by our users.)


Explore is where users can get access to the hottest Web sites organized in 5 easy-to-navigate categories: Health, Planet, Entertainment, Sports and Cool Stuff. This allows SBW to feature pre-screened Web content appropriate for our users.


Online chat allows users to log in to chat with each other, talk to the hosts or just hang out and listen to what's happening.

Video Conferencing

Videoconferencing allows users to talk to each other live. This is an especially useful tool when one child is in isolation but wants to participate in playroom activities or connect with visiting family members or friends.

Using vbAccelerator Code

STARBRIGHT World is written entirely in VB6 and used a number of techniques and utilities from the site:

More about the STARBRIGHT Foundation

The STARBRIGHT World project is described, along with more information and screen-shots at

You can find out more about the STARBRIGHT Foundation and their work helping children living with serious illness at their site,