Server System Check (Alpha)

Server System Check Groups Screen

Server System Check is an in-house application, written in VB and currently under development by Wizard Software Solutions. An attractive and easy to use interface allows easy monitoring of servers for Dr. Watson errors, low diskspace and NT Service problems.

About Server System Check

Servers which are added to the application can be split into groups. Groups can be chosen by the user to reflect things like buildings, sites and departments. The main image at the top of this article shows a typical configuration with nine groups, along with the special group "Problem Servers" group which holds servers that were unavailable during the last scan. Using an icon overlay makes easy to see at a glance where attention should be focused.

Ungrouped Servers view

The second screen shot shows the server view for any Ungrouped servers. This is used for servers that have not been placed into a specific group yet. In this example, two of the three servers had an access problem last time they were scanned (they may have been switched off, or a network fault may have prevented access).

Server details view

The third screen shows the details of one particular server. You can see its Dr. Watson file is not yet created and therefore nothing has fallen over (yet!). Attached drives are also listed, with a simple bar graph showing space usage. It's a very quick visual of space available. Next are all the Windows services that are being checked, along with the service status.

Using vbAccelerator Controls

The application uses these vbAccelerator controls to provide a modern

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