Realtime GPS tracking and planning for open pit minesites

MineVision Application

WencoMine develop realtime GPS dispatch software systems for large open pit minesites. Their MineVision product uses a collection of vbAccelerator code and techniques to provide realtime equipment tracking and graphical database editing for mining equipment.

Using vbAccelerator Code

In WencoMine's systems, all mining equipment is outfitted with GPS receivers and onboard computers that relay data and positional information in semi-realtime. This data is then distributed to a series of realtime applications that the mine dispatchers or mine planners use. The application shown above in the image above is the MineVision product which allows for graphical database editing to an Oracle or SQL Server database as well as realtime equipment tracking.

The application uses the techniques described for flicker free animation and heavily uses the cDibSection.cls class, as well as a number of other bits and pieces from most of the examples found within the vbMedia section of the vbAccelerator website:

  • Image Processing and Real time Effects using DIB Sections
  • Transparent Sprite Library
  • True Colour DIBSection
  • Alpha DIBSections
  • Create an API hFont from a VB StdFont object

The vbAccelerator Hierarchy Selector Control is used to assist with the options dialog.


WencoMine's website can be found at http://www.wencomine.com/.