Updates: vbAccelerator Explorer Bar Control

Update15 Nov 2003

  • Added Watermark and Title Icon properties.
  • Titlebars in Search mode can now wrap onto more than one line.
  • Control can now be resized horizontally or vertically at runtime and items are wrapped correctly.
  • Bug fixes: font property, Title background colour properties, MSVBVM50.DLL dependency, large number of items truncated, key navigation. See the BugTrak for full details.

Update5 Jul 2003

  • Fixed numerous GDI leaks under Win98/ME.
  • Fixed problem with MSIMG32.DLL under NT4 and Win95.
  • Now supports the mouse wheel for scrolling.
  • Unicode text now supported under NT.
  • Controls added to items in the bar are now contained within the control, which means positioning is more reliable and controls follow the Visible state of the control.
  • When the control's width is changed any contained controls are now resized.
  • Headers for non-expandable Bars now draw correctly.

Update13 Jun 2003

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