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S Grid 2

S-Grid 2.0 Features

Creating ListView Style Groups with SGrid 2

MusicLibrary SGrid Sample

Using Editable in SGrid 2

SGrid 2.0

Owner-Draw Cells with SGrid 2.0

Panel Selector Control

SGrid 2.0 Performance


Last Updated: 10 February 2004

S-Grid, Outlook Style

vbAccelerator S-Grid Control

The SGrid control is an all-VB grid which can emulate the Outlook messages list, including grouping of messages and message preview. The highly optimised display code makes this grid draw faster than FlexGrid and other VB grids even while it allows more sophisticated displays to be set up. It is also a good replacement for a ListView in report mode.


Last Updated: 1 November 1999

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Command Bar

MS Money UI Style Sample

QuickStart - Creating an IE Toolbar

vbAccelerator CommandBar Control

WinZip UI Style Sample


Last Updated: 25 January 2004

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vbAccelerator Toolbar and CoolMenu Control v3.5

vbAccelerator Office Docking Bar Control


Last Updated: 5 July 2003

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PopupMenu DLL - Create Unlimited Popup Menus

vbAccelerator IconMenu DLL

IconMenu Control

PopupMenu - Transparent Menu Demonstration

PopupMenu - Context Menu Demonstration

Using Popup Menu ActiveX DLL to create SysTray Menus with Icons

Using the cNewMenu DLL to Create Start Menu/ICQ Style Pop-up Menus

Owner-Draw Pop-up Menus


Last Updated: 23 April 2003

Two skinned Forms with NeoCaption applied.

vbAccelerator NeoCaption Component v2.0

This code sample provides a DLL you can use right away to radically modify the non-client area of a form, similar to the sort of customisation provided by NeoPlanet and WindowBlinds. And, since the full source code is available, you get the chance to build your customised client area derivatives. Sounds like fun? It is!


Last Updated: 21 February 2002

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Custom Drag-Drop Images Using ImageLists

Using the System Image List with (and without) vbAccelerator Controls

vbAccelerator ImageList Control and Class v2.0

Displaying Alpha (32bit) Icons with ImageLists


Last Updated: 29 March 2003

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Hierarchy Selector Control

Multiple Selections in a TreeView

Drag Drop and the vbAccelerator TreeView Control

Displaying Shell Elements in a TreeView

XML Rendering in a TreeView

Multi-Column TreeView Control

vbAccelerator TreeView Control


Last Updated: 16 April 2004

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AVI Player

ComCtl32.DLL Animation Control Class

Transparent AVI Player Control


Last Updated: 23 November 2003

Click for vbAccelerator Explorer Bar Control

vbAccelerator Explorer Bar Control

The vbAccelerator Explorer Bar control is a new control entirely written in VB which provides a user interface like the one in Windows Explorer under XP. You can use it to create handy lists of shortcuts and informational panels, or you can incorporate controls into the panels to provide flexible and configurable complex user interface panels. The code allows you to use the inbuilt XP styles when available or to draw using an emulation otherwise.


Last Updated: 15 November 2003