Updates: vbAccelerator ImageList Control and Class v2.0

Update29 Mar 2003

  • Fixed all problems with inconsistent indexes being returned by the methods. Indexes returned by the control are now always 1-based. The ItemPicture method consequently now works correctly.

Update14 Jan 2003

  • Updated to version 2.0 support 32-bit alpha channel icons. The previous version persisted the icon picture data to 24-bit colour, and hence discarded any alpha channel information in the icon.

Update21 Mar 2000

  • Posted VB6 version.
  • Fixed bugs in the Images Property Page: when two images were swapped, the keys did not move with them and sometimes the key was not saved for images. Also put the images into their own control so they can be navigated with the cursor keys.
  • Fixed control bug - attempt to refer to the first item in the ImageList caused a "subscript out of range" error.

Update21 Mar 1999

  • When loading an icon, the control now chooses the icon resource with the size most closely matching the image list size. Previously, the control always picked the resource at the default system icon size if that existed - causing the stretching problem the control was supposed to solve!
  • Multiple files can now be selected together when adding images. A stupid omission from the last version!
  • Image Keys can now be set up in the property page and are persisted in the control's PropertyBag. The control's property page also has a toggle to allow keys to be automatically generated based on the filenames being added - very useful!
  • Allows load of .GIF, .CUR and .ANI files as well as .BMP and .ICO. For animated cursors, you can choose whether to load just the first frame or import all frames.
  • When adding a bitmap, the control can now automatically determine the transparent colour from the top-left hand pixel of the image. However, you can still set it manually, although now there is the assistance of a colour picker Common Dialog to do it rather than having to remember the RGB values yourself.
  • Bugs causing the control to crash when buttons pressed in the property page at an unexpected point and also to place the images in the wrong order in the control have all been fixed.
  • Resource leak when adding icons fixed. (By calling DestroyIcon or DestroyCursor as appropriate rather than calling DeleteObject).