Updates: vbAccelerator ListView Control

Update20 Jun 2003

  • Bug fixes and minor enhancements to the control:
  • The Selected property of a ListItem always returned false, meaning it was impossible to determine which items were selected in a multi-select ListView. Corrected. Same problem with the ItemCut property.
  • Icon property of ListItem set the icon of the next item along in the control. Fixed.
  • Position property added to the ColumnHeader object to allow the order of the column headers to be read and set programmatically.
  • Insert before parameter to the Add method of the ListItems collection was ignored. Corrected.
  • Setting a column alignment to right caused the column to be centred, and vice-versa. Fixed.
  • Mouse Up events were only generated for double-clicks. Now corrected.
  • A KeyDown event was generated when a KeyUp should have been. Fixed
  • Option to place the background image at a specified location rather than tile it added.
  • NoColumnHeaders property added to allow column headers to be hidden in Detail view.
  • Added a call to LoadLibrary on Shell32.DLL to prevent crashes when using a manifest.
  • Thanks to Ben Andersen, Ian Goodwin, Vasanth Raj, Greg Thomson, Frank Peters for the bug reports and code.

Update21 Feb 2003

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