Updates: PopupMenu DLL - Create Unlimited Popup Menus

Update23 Apr 2003

  • If an menu was used as a drop-down from a vbAccelerator Toolbar control, and it contained infrequently used items which were hidden, once the items were exposed they did not respond when clicked. Now all items click correctly.
  • When showing as a chevron in a menu, if you customised which buttons were visible they could incorrectly appear in the chevron menu.
  • Disabled items now draw in the correct colour when XP style is in effect.

Update19 Dec 2002

  • Minor enhancements to the drawing of XP Style Menus: icon shadow is now the correct colour, and the menu background is drawn correctly when no Visual Styles are in effect.

Update21 Nov 2002

  • Version 3.0 released. This version has a number of new features:
  • Hiding of infrequently used menu items.
  • Check menus which stay open when you click them, like the Office Add/Remove Buttons feature.
  • Smoother automatic support of chevrons for the vbAccelerator Tool Bar control.
  • Image Processing (lighter/darker) of bitmap backgrounds in the menu.
  • A VB6 version is now also available.

Update30 May 1999

  • This DLL (version 2.00.0011) now supports CoolMenu applications in conjunction with the vbAccelerator CoolMenu Toolbar and Rebar control.
  • All accelerators now work. When you add a menu item, if you specify an Accelerator in the caption, for example, "&Home" & vbTab & "Alt+Home", then the control will intercept Alt+Home presses and raise a Click event.
  • New eye candy - a bitmap can be tiled into the background of the menu and there is a new GradientHighlight property (as demonstrated in the picture above).
  • Check box images can now be automatically drawn using the system standard check marks rather than an ImageList icons. In addition, Options Box style check marks are now also supported.
  • Bug fix - now the Click event fires whenever a menu item is clicked.

Update27 Jan 1999

  • A horrible bug has been fixed. This caused menus to get corrupted when using quite a few sub-menus; sub-menus would move to new positions, items would swap into the wrong menu... Thanks to David Isham for pointing out the problem and helping me with code to test out the fix.
  • Now Menu Items can be set to Owner-Draw style. This raises an event to the client and allows the client to draw all or part of themenu item.
  • Menu breaks are supported in the same way as for the Icon Menu control (i..e prefixing the caption with a pipe ("|") will cause a menu break with a column divider, prefixing it with a hat ("^") will cause a menu break without a column divider.)
  • New Header property for menu items allows the item to be drawn as an ICQ-style separator with text. The Header style can also draw like a window caption for a more modern effect.
  • Added the Default property to allow menu items to be drawn in bold font.