Updates: vbAccelerator S-Grid Control

Update1 Nov 1999

  • A new VB6 binary of the control is available, courtesy of Glenn Halbedl. Thanks! Plus a new VB5 compile including 13 minor bug fixes and changes to the control.

Update21 Mar 1999

  • A few display and code bugs crept into the released version of the control. These are now fixed in the download code. Please note that you need version 1.2 (or higher) of the vbAccelerator ImageList Control to run the demonstration project.

  • Sorting a grid with two rows caused a GPF.
  • Focus rectangle did not draw with dots unless system highlight colour was black. Focus rectangle also drew when the grid was out of focus (hmmm...) (thanks to Sven Wiese Solty).
  • Grid did not reorder when the column before an invisible column was dragged by one place (thanks to Sven Wiese Solty).
  • Only standard character set fonts were supported. Now all font types and DBCS characters should work correctly. (thanks to Lance Franklin).
  • Row following a group row drew in system highlight colour (thanks to Dion Wiggins).