Updates: vbAccelerator Toolbar and CoolMenu Control v3.5

Update11 May 2003

  • Bug fix release to fix accelerator and chevron problems.
  • Coolmenu accelerators caused problems - sometimes the menus triggered without the Alt- key being pressed, othertimes they did not trigger when they should. The logic has been rewritten to correct this.
  • Chevrons created by the toolbar did not trigger when clicked with the mouse. Fixed. The chevron now also uses a Menu window class as a base so it draws in the same way as menus on the system.
  • Some non-English keys did not work as accelerators. Fixed with code provided by Sergey Pitutin.
  • The Toolbar, Rebar and ToolbarHost controls could not be hosted on a UserControl. They now can. Thanks to Alexander Stetsenko for the information.
  • The MDI buttons in the toolbar host control now render using XP Visual Style if appropriate. Thanks to Nguyen Tuan Anh for the suggestion.
  • SaveLayout and RestoreLayout (beta) methods have been added to the Rebar based on a method suggested by Ralph Brugger at LinkPool. Feedback please!

Update23 Apr 2003

  • Version 3.5 released with Office XP style button support.
  • When you customised which buttons were displayed in a toolbar from a chevron menu, the customise menu got corrupted. This now works the same way as Office XP.
  • On clicking a menu item from a drop-down which had been hidden as an infrequently used item and then shown, the click event did not fire. Now all menus raise a click event correctly.
  • Controls added to the toolbar now have SetParent called so they correctly follow the toolbar. Controls are also now centred vertically in the toolbar.
  • XP Visual Styles are now automatically turned off for any menu bar. There is a new DrawStyle property which allows XP Visual Styles to be enabled/disabled or Office XP style drawing to be set.
  • If the first item in a CoolMenu was made invisible, the menu disappeared whenever the highlighted menu went to the left. The menu now works regardless of which menu items are visible.
  • Pressing Alt did not put the menu into keyboard tracking mode. Alt and Escape now work correctly.
  • VB6 MSCOMCTL.OCX ImageLists are now supported, although only in Office XP DrawStyle mode.
  • The Toolbar can now be used within a VB UserControl. See the Tutorial for details.

Update3 Jan 2003

  • Added Property Set procedures for the ImagePicture properties. Thanks to Sergey Pitutin for noting this.
  • Added a manifest to the demonstration project to show XP Visual Styled toolbars under XP.

Update25 Nov 2002

  • Version 3.0 of the control released, with a number of new features and fixes:
  • Improved integration with the PopupMenu, allowing you to create toolbars or menus from any PopupMenu submenu. Dropdowns are automatically created; you can also add an Office style customise toolbar menu to the Chevron.
  • You can now add controls or set the controls for buttons directly into the toolbar, rather than having to use the Toolbar host control. This works much more smoothly.
  • Improved subclassing and clear-up stability.
  • No longer overwrites the title bar with an old-style title bar.
  • Full XP compatibility for CoolMenus

Update1 Nov 1999

  • A new VB6 binary of the control is available, courtesy of Glenn Halbedl. Thanks! Plus a new VB5 compile including 13 minor bug fixes and changes to the control.

Update21 Mar 1999

  • A few display and code bugs crept into the released version of the control. These are now fixed in the download code. Please note that you need version 1.2 (or higher) of the vbAccelerator ImageList Control to run the demonstration project.
  • Sorting a grid with two rows caused a GPF.
  • Focus rectangle did not draw with dots unless system highlight colour was black. Focus rectangle also drew when the grid was out of focus (hmmm...) (thanks to Sven Wiese Solty).
  • Grid did not reorder when the column before an invisible column was dragged by one place (thanks to Sven Wiese Solty).
  • Only standard character set fonts were supported. Now all font types and DBCS characters should work correctly. (thanks to Lance Franklin).
  • Row following a group row drew in system highlight colour (thanks to Dion Wiggins).